FAQs about Zero risk franchise model* by Project X restaurants

FAQ -What is Zero risk franchise* ?

Zero risk franchise* model by Project X restaurants ensures that you at least get your original investment back within the franchise term (5 years), paid monthly as a minimum guarantee

FAQ - What is FICO model ?

This is a franchisee owned company operated model where the franchisee invests but the company operates it with operational expenses liability being of ours & not the franchisee

FAQ - What is the expected ROI ?

In moderate scenario, 228% returns are possible in 5 years for cloud kitchen model & 198% returns are possible in QSR / hybrid format* in 5 years

FAQ - What happens after tenure expires ?

Franchisee can either renew the franchise at market price OR can exit since returns have already been received by him on his investment

FAQ - Till when is this guarantee on offer ?

Till the time first 10 outlets are signed, then the franchise model will change to no guarantee and market rates

FAQ - How many brands / locations are on offer ?

A total of 10 franchises are available under zero risk guarantee – 5 cloud kitchens and 5 QSR locations in Delhi NCR